Campsite France near Sancy


We invite you to a virtual tour of the Massif du Sancy:

The Puy de Sancy is the highest point of the Massif Central in the heart of the Regional Natural Park of Auvergne Volcanoes.

Reaching today 1885 meters, it would have been much higher before its erosion (it is 350 000 years).

Today is an opportunity for an adventure holiday. Enjoy an immersion in an exceptional nature and surround yourself in breathtaking lanscapes. Trekking or free guided hiking; choose your tour guide and pay attention to the safety rules distributed in tourist offices to enjoy the climbing of this unique place.

You will discover a rich flora and fauna and, protected by the hand of man unusual and rarely visited locations.

Do not miss the glacier valleys of Chaudefour and Salt Fountain.

Expect true heart ponding experience before such beauties of nature less than 30 minutes from the campsite”L’Ombrage”. Every year the towns of Sancy organize Art's exhibitions: Art Sancy Nature, a work by town (disassembled in autumn) that result in sometimes surprising achievements.