The lakes of Puy de Dôme


Choose volcanic mountains and large green plains rather than the beaches and surrounding coastlines is a wise choice when you stay at the campsite “L’Ombrage” because nothing prevents you from making your holiday a real swimming experience thanks to the many lakes scattered around Puy de Dome.

It is a pleasure to take a dip in a clear and peaceful water, with, a the background, big mountains and green hills and sunhine. During the high season, the big lakes have a lifeguard so that more young people can enjoy without worry.

Enjoy the lake Chambon, Aydat, Montcineyre; reservoirs by lava flow. Lake Pavin crater lake, one of the deepest in France, (92 m, where bloomed the Ombles Knights fishes) . Lakes Chauvet, Servière and many others ... Not to forget to mention the Guery lake where, when conditions permit, you can fish through a n ice hole. Enjoy magnificent views of the Roches and Tuilière and Sanadoire.

You will find swimming opportunities all around the campsite the “L’Ombrage,