Tourism Auvergne and its volcanoes


Auvergne is a destination that thrills hikers, nature lovers and holiday makers who loves to discover. Auvergne is settled in green and beautiful landscapes. Volcanoes are the prime attraction of the region. Their exploration is very renowned ; tour or wilderness trekking, these mountains are available to you for your enjoyment.

Once settled at the campsite “L’Ombrage”, prepare a trip to the most beautiful mountains of Auvergne. In “la Chaine des Puys” you will discover more than 80 craters and volcanoes during your stay. The Monts Dore allow to witness the intense volcanic activity that happened four or five million years ago. The Cantal Mountains created the most beautiful valleys in the region with their significant erosion. This volcano is the largest in Europe (about 40 km in diameter) and exceeds Etna ...

Many volcanoes are to be discovered, each has its secrets and characteristics. Do not miss the open volcano Lemptégy.